Mason Hamlin Model B Grand Piano

Mason Hamlin Model B Grand Piano

At 5’4″, the Mason & Hamlin Model B qualifies as a baby grand, but the sound and presence of this handcrafted instrument are unparalleled in its class.


One listens to its brilliant treble and deep, rich bass notes will tell you that the Model B has all the legendary Mason & Hamlin characteristics in a compact size that is suitable for any space. Magnificent projection, excellent playability, and distinctive styling all in one package, the Model B will leave you with a lasting impression that is anything but small.


Model B Specifications:

Length:5ft 4in (162.56cm)

Width:57.22in (145.34cm) (measured at keyboard of piano)

Rim: Hard Rock Maple

Rim Thickness: Inner 2.125in (5.4cm)
Outer 1in (2.54cm)
Total 3.125in (7.94cm)

Plate: Sand Cast Gray Iron, Full Perimeter

Soundboard: White Spruce Perimeter Taper (customized for each model)

Soundboard Size:1,883.4in2 (4,783.84cm2)


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