August Model 275 Grand Piano

August Model 275 Grand Piano

For a great performance in concert halls.


Each AUGUST FÖRSTER instruments consists of more that 12.000 parts combined by our skilled craftsmen into a masterpiece of highest precision. It takes thousands of steps, secrets learned over generations and many months to build an instrument of such an outstanding style and quality.

Since 1859 we have bundled and refined the experience, the knowledge about the desired sound diversity, the different playing modes and touch dynamics. In order to transport the soul of the AUGUST FÖRSTER instrument as well as the souls of its famous players what adds a growing value to the instrument.


100 % ‚ Made in Germany as certified by the German piano Maker Association (Bundesverband Klavier e.V. – BVK)

The BVK introduced the certificate as shown to increase market transparency. The strict guidelines of the BVK must be fulfilled for all instruments produced under the certified brand names by the respective manufacturers.

After successful certification, AUGUST F√ñRSTER has the right to use apply the logo of the BVK “Made in Germany” to the instruments manufactured under the certified brand name, as well as to promote them with the certificate.


length: 9′ 1″
weight: 550kg


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