August Model 116 D Upright Piano

August Model 116 D Upright Piano


The unique aspect with musical instruments is that they all speak the same language and reach the hearts of people; the nice thing about it is, AUGUST FÖRSTER is a part of this harmony.

The name AUGUST FÖRSTER stands for quality and individuality. The parts are assembled to create a unique and individual piece of art.

Since AUGUST FÖRSTER pianos and grand pianos are individually handcrafted for generations, an almost unlimited variety of styles and veneer will be available to fulfill the request of our customers


100 % ‚ÄûMade in Germany” as certified by the German piano Maker Association (Bundesverband Klavier e.V. – BVK)

The BVK introduced the certificate as shown to increase market transparency. The strict guidelines of the BVK must be fulfilled for all instruments produced under the certified brand names by the respective manufacturers.

After successful certification, AUGUST F√ñRSTER has the right to use apply the logo of the BVK “Made in Germany” to the instruments manufactured under the certified brand name, as well as to promote them with the certificate.


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