Viscount is a third generation, family-owned company. They produce more digital organs each year than any other digital organ manufacturer in the world. But for Viscount, it’s not just about the numbers. Their facilities are first class and state of the art. While many western companies have submitted to having their products manufactured in China, Viscount has brought the best qualities of computer and precision manufacturing processes from Asia into the heart of their multiple Italian factories, all while maintaining that incomparable reputation of fine Italian craftsmanship. 

When entering the small town of Mondaino, Italy, you would be shocked to see multiple massive facilities as you cross over the rolling hills of this beautiful countryside. With over 100 employees, computer precision technologies, a research and development lab larger than some of its competitors’ entire companies, you are not just choosing Viscount because everyone else is; you are choosing it because they are the best today and have a clear and concise plan for where they are going tomorrow. You are choosing Viscount for their incredibly realistic state-of-the-art, award-winning, and internationally-patented Physis® Technology. You are choosing them because they have a massive organization of sales, service, and support in the US, including pipe organ building facilities ready to serve you.



Viscount doesn’t just concentrate on sound. The components used for Physis® technology, through its UNICO, SONUS, and custom organs/hybrids, reach the highest quality levels. These components are also easily accessible for many years to come. Physis® technology uses an advanced multi-processor platform that allows an unprecedented huge calculation power. The DSP array architecture is based on the floating-point, state of the art, third generation of high-quality SHARC® Processors by Analog Devices. Each of them is capable of 2.4 GFLOPS peak performance. Physis®, with up to 8 SHARC® Processors, can send and process an excess of 12 billion instructions per second (sustained rate), thus providing the power to accomplish what digital sampling cannot.

Beyond the motherboards, amplifiers, power supplies, processors, and microprocessors inside, the solid wood consoles, high-end knobs, pistons, screens, pedalboards, and keyboard manuals are all created with the perfect marriage between the multi-generational, woodworking craftsmen found at the various Viscount factories. These are all created with the latest in laser precision and computer-run, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.



Viscount organs are competitively priced in order to maintain their direct importation and management of the product throughout North America. Unlike some other organ manufacturers, Viscount does not have a third party distributor handling sales, service, and parts support. Viscount has United States warehousing of all products available to the US market that meet strict importation and quality guidelines. They also have US based sales, service, and parts support. If you own a Viscount in the US, you have a local American dealer in your region. This dealer is an American service expert, and you will find that American parts support is available anytime and immediately. You will never have to speak to an Italian representative nor wait to talk to someone on Italy time…unless, of course, you’d like to!