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A few features that make us stand out, besides our long track record of experience:

  • Delivery time flexibility (surprise gifts/early mornings/elevator building/caterers/) to fit in a certain window of time period.
  • Our employees are second generation piano movers who can be well trusted to respect customers homes and to politely collect payments when needed (very big feature).
  • We provide very competitive quotes just like our Piano sales.
  • We are fully insured and our movers are on the payroll. Most other companies use day workers for cash.
  • We take pride in being clean and presentable and carry extra clothes on the truck in case we have a tough dirty piano move before your delivery.

We’ve been moving pianos since 1906 and each of our piano movers have over 30 years experience moving pianos in the NJ / NY metro area. In fact our piano movers’ fathers were piano movers with Altenburg, so they have generations of knowledge moving precision musical instruments with conscientious care.

We’ve established such a strong reputation in the New Jersey / New York area that we are often called upon by moving companies for help moving a piano.


If you call us for a moving quote there are a few criteria we need to know:

  1. The address of both destinations to calculate the time, gas, and tolls.
  2. The amount of stairs at each location including turns, carpeted, outside or inside steps.
  3. The make and size of the instrument are important (7′ grand is a big difference than a spinet).
  4. And if any special requirements are needed such as soft pine flooring, small elevator, delivery door, or the Doorman’s lunch break.
We do not move household furniture although we are often asked to by customers who have used us. Just pianos and organs. We are always willing to move a piece of furniture within your home to make space for the piano though! Please contact us to learn more or get a free quote.

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