Church Organs

We have installed church organs up and down the eastern seaboard and as far west as Illinois. But as important as our expertise is our love for church organ systems and the magnificent sound they produce.  We proudly represent the following church organ companies:

Johannus Church Organ Systems at Altenburg PianoJohannus: A family run and operated organ manufacturer from the Netherlands with word wide distribution. Johannus digital pipe organs are the closest sound to a real pipe organ that can be customized to the taste of the end users. We have installed many small and large church organs and even made a Theater organ for a home customer as well. If a church has existing pipes we can also marry the new digital Johannus to them too.

Hammond Church Organs at Altenburg PianoHammond: The only competition to a new Hammond is an old Hammond. Fortunately we have both. Call us to figure out what would work best for your use such as Midi capability, transposer, Leslie vs. digital Leslie, and other pros and cons pertaining to vintage or new.

Please contact us to learn more about our church organs.
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